Te Whare Hauora

Whare Hauora

He kohinga rauemi Hauora.

A Collection of Health resources

Health providers

Te Rau Ora


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Te Rau Ora is an organisation which aims to improve Māori health through leadership, education, research and evaluation, health workforce development and innovation, systematic transformation.

Ngāti Hine Health Trust


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Ngāti Hine Health trust delivers of a comprehensive range of mobile nursing, residential and community health services, and through the recognition of the underlying social determinants of health, over the following 24 years the Trust has expanded to encompass social, disability, education and media services.

Hauora Hokianga


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Comprehensive healthcare services are provided at Rawene Hospital / Urgent Care Service and ten community clinics located throughout the remote rural communities of Hokianga by an integrated multi-disciplinary team of health practitioners and support staff.


Rongoa Māori

Rongoa Māori practitioners


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The Ministry currently funds 20 providers across the country to deliver rongoā services. These services include mirimiri (massage), karakia (pastoral support) and whitiwhiti kōrero (cultural support).

Te Houtaewa Charitable Trust


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A collective of traditional healers who provide Rongoa and Mirimiri services in Te Taitokerau and Te Hiku

Te Hauora o Ngapuhi


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Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi, also known as THOON, was established in 2015 as a subsidiary company of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi (TRAION) following the merger of Te Hauora o Kaikohe with TRAION.

THOON is charged with leading the health strategy for Ngapuhi, serving whānau, hapū and hāpori living within Te Whare Tapu O Ngāpuhi, whether Māori or non Māori.


Last updated 15 September 2021