Variations to Alcohol Licences - Changes to your business

It is important we make sure you have an alcohol licence that suits the style of your business. Some changes to your business may need a variation to your licence conditions.

Examples of this are:

  • increasing your trading hours
  • increasing or decreasing the size of your licensed area or layout, including the size of restaurant and bar areas in relation to the rest of the premises
  • having an outdoor area
  • changing the general nature of your business.

Please talk to the licensing inspectors early in your business planning stage before you make any changes to you business operation or premises so we can help you work through this process and give you advice. With these types of changes you may be required to also apply for a Certificate of Compliance (Sale of Alcohol) as there may be City Plan requirements that need to be met.

Apply to change your licence

Download and complete a Variation or Cancellation of Conditions of Licence form(PDF, 193KB)

View the working days specified in the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act that could affect the processing time of variations to, or cancellations of an alcohol licence.

Lodgement meeting

To file your change for variation application you need to make an appointment for a lodgement meeting with an inspector.