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Council issues dog, food and health licences, as well as bylaw licences and permits for activities in the community. You can find all the relevant forms listed here.

If you are looking for detailed information about dog registration, visit the Dogs section of our website.

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  • On-licence allows the sale and supply of alcohol for drinking at the specified licensed premises.
  • Club licence allows a club to sell alcohol for drinking on club premises to its members and their guests.
  • Off-licence allows the sale and delivery of alcohol for drinking off the premises and the supply of complimentary samples of alcohol on the premises.
  • Temporary authority allows the new owner of a licensed premise to trade on an existing licence until they obtain a new licence in their own name.
  • Special licence for events temporarily extends the hours or the area of a premises currently licensed, or licences one-off events where no licence is currently held and alcohol will be present at the eve
  • Certificate of compliance (alcohol): all licensed premises must have a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Renew your licence: To renew your alcohol licence you must apply at least 20 days before it expires
  • Variations to alcohol licences

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Information on registered food operators.

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When you need a licence 

  • If there is a current registration certificate (or food licence) the balance of the fee is a matter for the new and old owners to sort out themselves or through their solicitors.
  • If there is a current registration certificate (or food licence) the balance of the fee is a matter for the new and old owners to sort out themselves or through their solicitors.
  • If the use of the food premises will be substantially changed as a result of the change of ownership, please contact us to discuss those changes with either a duty resource planner or a duty building officer.
  • If any sale and supply of alcohol is intended, a liquor licence application will need to be submitted also. Please refer to Alcohol Licences for more information.

 For a change of ownership for a business with a current Food Control Plan or National Programme you will need to contact the Environmental Health Officer to discuss the change. Email or call 0800 920 029.  

Licence applications forms

Food business form for:

  • Registration
  • Fundraisers selling food
  • Scope of operations for food business
  • Food control plans and national programmes

See a list of applications forms below

These business types are required to obtain a health licence from Council.

  • Hairdressers
  • Mortuaries
  • Offensive Trades
  • Camping Grounds (not providing food)

Registered health licence operators

Information on registered health licence operators.

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Camping grounds

To apply for a camping ground licence, the business owner needs to submit an application for a Health Licence(PDF, 78KB) and pay the appropriate fee. A camping ground licence is renewable annually on 1 July of each year. A renewal notice will be sent out from Council prior to that date.

Camping grounds that prepare and sell food products to the public will also be required to register a Food Control Plan(PDF, 2MB). We recommend you refer to the tool My Food Rules to help you find out the food safety rules for your type of business or activity. 


Hairdresser means any person who engages for profit or reward in the business or practice of hairdressing, whether in a hairdresser's shop or not. Hairdresser's shop means any premises, other than premises occupied by a customer, where a hairdresser carries on his business or practice.

Offensive trades

Offensive Trade is defined under the Health Act 1956, Schedule 3 as any trade, business, manufacture, or undertaking for the time being specified in the Third Schedule of the Act. These include:

  • Refuse collect and disposal
  • Septic tank de-sludging and disposal of sludge

The Health Act 1956 (Section 54) requires anyone operating an offensive trade to obtain a licence from Council, in accordance with the Health (Register of Premises) Regulations 1966. It is an offence to operate an offensive trade without a current certificate.


If you are concerned about a business that may not be registered, or about the condition of the premises, please contact us using our online contact form.

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