Alcohol licence applications

  • On-licence allows the sale and supply of alcohol for drinking at the specified licensed premises.
  • Club licence allows a club to sell alcohol for drinking on club premises to its members and their guests.
  • Off-licence allows the sale and delivery of alcohol for drinking off the premises and the supply of complimentary samples of alcohol on the premises.
  • Temporary authority allows the new owner of a licensed premise to trade on an existing licence until they obtain a new licence in their own name.
  • Special licence for events temporarily extends the hours or the area of a premises currently licensed, or licences one-off events where no licence is currently held and alcohol will be present at the eve
  • Certificate of compliance (alcohol): all licensed premises must have a Certificate of Compliance.
  • Renew your licence: To renew your alcohol licence you must apply at least 20 days before it expires
  • Variations to alcohol licences