Rates and Water Rates Refund

You may be eligible for a rates refund if:

  • your rates rebate has cleared your rates balance to 30 June and put you in credit
  • you have overpaid your rates or water account
  • your rates have been adjusted resulting in a credit balance for the year.

How do I apply?

Step 1.Complete refund request form

Step 2.Compile the information needed

You must provide:

  • your name
  • daytime phone number
  • property address
  • reason for refund
  • proof of bank account details, for example: scan of a pre-printed bank deposit slip, letter from your bank, a screenshot of your internet banking account details, including your bank account name and number with the bank logo, a scanned cheque or any other verified proof.

Proof of payment is not needed for direct debit made within New Zealand, where refund is to be paid back into the same bank account.

Step 3.Submit your refund request form

  • By post to Far North District Council. Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440
  • Email us a scanned copy with your proof of bank account ask.us@fndc.govt.nz
  • Visit any of Far North District Council's Service Centres or i-Sites during normal operational hours and you will be able to pick up a form.

Step 4.What happens next?

It may take up to ten working days to appear on your bank statement, once we validate your request for refund. You will receive a remittance in the post.