Vegetation: mowing and spraying


Mowing includes trimming of roadside grass, weeds and other light vegetation. This is part of a regular maintenance cycle. Moving normally covers the area approximately 1.5m from the edge of the seal or metal in a horizontal direction, and 4.5m upwards. This is the zone that is most likely to cause unsafe obstructions for travelling vehicles.

Management of vegetation outside this area or "vegetation envelope" - such as hazardous trees - is done on a case by case basis. If you would like to request an assessment, please use our online form.


Spraying is carried out at Council's discretion, and may be subject to climatic and financial constraints. If approved, spraying is carried out three times a year. Spraying covers an average of 2m from the edge of the seal or formed road. 

Property owners are entitled to request that their berm or verge is not sprayed. If you would like to be included on this register, please complete the form below. 

No spray register

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I wish to place my property on the “No Spray” Register. I agree to maintain the road berm outside my property to a standard acceptable to the Far North District Council. If I fail to do this, I understand that Council may resume maintaining the road berm without notification. I agree to place ‘No Spray’ markers that are visible from the road, at the start and end of the ‘No Spray’ zone adjoining my property.
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