Ōpononi Wastewater Treatment Plant

Opononi Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Ōpononi wastewater treatment plant is located on Baker Road, Ōmāpere. This plant treats wastewater from the Ōpononi and Ōmāpere townships. The treatment plant services about 400 properties and processes about 250 cubic metres of wastewater per day.

Treating the Wastewater

The wastewater treatment currently consists of an aerated pond, followed by a detention pond. The detention pond is used for retention and sludge settling prior to transfer of wastewater to the constructed wetland.

The constructed wetland consists of five cells. The first and largest wetland cell has been sacrificed to enable placement of sludge and pulled weeds to avoid the costs of taking the sludge off-site. Treated wastewater is discharged into the Hokianga Harbour, and the end of the outfall is marked by an orange buoy that can be seen in the Harbour near the end of Baker Road.



Discharges from the wastewater treatment plant are authorised by a resource consent. The resource consent sets out certain conditions, such as the requirement to regularly monitor the treated wastewater. You can see a copy of the resource consent document here.