Save water


Northland is still recovering from a rainfall deficit following the drought earlier this year. We are asking residents to use water sensibly and to conserve water where possible.

There are eight Council water supplies in the Far North providing treated water to our communities. These also provide treated water to bulk water carriers that top-up rainwater tanks used by those not on a town supply. Find out about each water supply, its water source and current water restrictions by clicking on the links at the right of this page.

Below are some easy water saving tips you can use right now to help conserve water. 

  • Only wash clothes when you have a full load. A washing machine uses about 150 litres of water per wash
  • Use the dishwasher for full loads only. Each load uses 40 to 80 litres of water
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Put the plug in the sink when washing vegetables and don’t leave the tap running
  • Put a half-full soft drink bottle in your toilet cistern to reduce the quantity of water you flush
  • Flush the toilet less often
  • Use less water in the bath. A bath can use up to 80 litres of water
  • Take shorter showers. A shower uses about 8 litres of water a minute
  • Keep a bottle of drinking water in the fridge to avoid running more water than you need for a glass of water. 



Restriction guidelines

Residential restrictions


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