Save water

Keep saving water


Northland is recovering from a rainfall deficit.  The Council is asking residents to continue saving water where possible.  Below you can find helpful water saving tips. 

  • Only washing clothes when you have a full load. A washing machine uses about 150 litres of water per wash
  • Using the dishwasher for full loads only. Each load uses 40 to 80 litres of water
  • Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth
  • Putting the plug in the sink when washing vegetables and don’t leave the tap running
  • Putting a half full soft drink bottle in your toilet cistern to reduce the quantity of water you flush
  • Flushing the toilet less often
  • Using less water in the bath. A bath can use up to 80 litres of water
  • Taking shorter showers. A shower uses about 8 litres of water a minute
  • Keeping a bottle of drinking water in the fridge to avoid running more water than you need for a glass of water

Water restrictions

Water restrictions are not in place for any Council water supplies.

Water media releases

Water public notices - restrictions and outages

Emergency financial assistance

Work and Income may be able to help with financial assistance, even if you're not on a benefit. Go to the Work and Income website, by clicking on the green button below, to find out what they can offer and how to apply.

Work and income - 0800 550 009 Go to Work and Income website

Inland Revenue may be able to offer tax relief and income assistance, along with other measures to people affected by the Northland drought. Contact Inland Revenue to see if they can help.

 Inland Revenue - 0800 473 566Go to Inland Revenue website

Northland Rural Support Trust can assist rural people during an adverse event. They can provide mentors from rural backgrounds to talk to and act as facilitators for financial assistance, Work and Income support, and labour assistance.

 Northland Rural Support Trust - 0800 787 254Go to Northland Rural Support Trust website