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Content types are different types of pages used on the website, the name of the content type often relates to its function. Below is a list of content types and their common uses. We also have a visual lookbook which has most content types with visual examples of their usage on our website. 

OC Profile - This is used the create the 'container' for a homepage. 
OC Folder - This is a folder used to store technical pages for the website, (Admin use only)
OC Tab Widget -  This is a special content type that creates the tabs on the homepage. (Admin use only)
OC A-Z Item - This is used for alphabetised page lists. (Not used)
OC Module Interface - This is a common content type that is used to list a whole page with one specific content type that can be chosen. 
OC Document - This content type is used to store PDF forms on our website, please note we also have a web service that can create online interactive forms. Lodge a ticket with the Communications Team start on conversation of moving your forms to OpenForms.
OC Top Task
OC Elected Official
OC Announcement
OC General
OC Event
OC Featured Background
OC Featured Content
OC Glossary
OC Slide
OC Image Gallery
OC Job
OC Landing Page
OC Redirect Page
OC Meeting
OC Meeting Document
OC Meeting Folder
OC Location
OC News Article
OC Park
OC Project
OC Service
OC Footer Link
OC Footer Widget
OC Venue
OC Blog
OC Consultation
OC Discussion
OC Consultation Timeline
OC Event Location
OC Lost Animal
OC Public Notice
OC Resource
OC Initiative
OC Development Application
OC Rotating Banner
0C Page banner
OC Top Tasks Folder 

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Last updated 21 October 2022