Draft District Plan

Feedback period closes Friday 7 May, 2021. Formal notification will be later this year.


The District Plan is about sustainable land use, environmental protection and enabling growth in the most suitable places. 

It is a balancing act. Its purpose is to protect our environment, historic places and cultural taonga for future generations (through sustainable management of our resources) while supporting our communities to live and grow. 

This District Plan looks 30 years ahead. It is updated every 10 years to make sure its rules strike the right balance. Later this year, we'll publicly notify the Proposed District Plan. Before we do that, we want to share it with you in its draft format.

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  1. Sen McGlinn
    So we are asked to give feedback on a plan - with no link to the contents of that plan. My feedback is that this process of asking for feedback needs improvement
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Good observation, and our apologies. The plan is coming very soon... I've added the option to subscribe to the page so you will be notified when the plan is ready to review. While you wait, have a look at letsplantogether.org.nz to read more about the history of creating the plan and an outline of the framework.
  2. Robert Adams
    Re District Plan .So far to date the lets plan together website hasnt been updated with progress for months and maybe even a year has gone by Everytime I check it nothing has happened. I am also subscribed for updates and again nothing. Not a great start. If you start treating people that way then do not be suprised if there is push back.
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora Robert, thanks for your comment. It's a fair call - the process of moving to a new digital platform, which integrate the maps and the text, has been a complex journey. We are almost there! We look forward to sharing the new draft e-plan with you very soon. If you are subscribed to the page, you should receive an update. Also we will send out an email to let people know it's available. Ngā mihi, Catherine, Engagement Lead.
  3. Mike Burch
    Will the time allowed for feedback be extended to recognise the delay in promulgating the draft?
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Thanks for your question. Yes, the feedback period will be extended as a result of the delay.
  4. Chris Richmond
    Any chance you can send me a copy of the feedback submission that I just uploaded. I expected to see a "send to print" option upon completion and upload, but cannot find one. Thanks
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora Chris, yes I can do this for you.
  5. Andrew Riddell
    Kia ora

    Where is the subdivision section of the draft District Plan?
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Hi Andrew, I'm not a planner (so apologies if my answer isn't what you're looking for!) however, if you select "Read the full District Plan" in the left hand column on the home page and look at Part 2: District-wide Matters, you will find the section on subdivision. Hopefully this link will take you straight there: https://farnorth.isoplan.co.nz/eplan/#Rules/0/164/1/0/0
  6. Terry & Ali Goodall
    We are disappointed that the timeline for this submission overlaps with at least 6 (SIX!) others. As mere citizens who wish to be involved, this creates a stressful and near-impossible situation for those of us willing to spend time and effort on submissions and input (eg attending consultation sessions). So -please excuse the lack of detailed input in the following text-boxes for each category.
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora, thanks for your feedback. It's always a challenge trying to find the right balance when engaging communities with Council activities. This was quite a unique situation when we had some important discussions to have with Far North communities, and we did not make the decision to combine the projects lightly. Our hope is that the district roadtrip, with drop-in venues plus "pop-up" events, will reach a wider audience and nurture a better understanding of local government processes and how public can participate. I appreciate this approach doesn't suit everyone. If there is anything the Engagement Team can do to support you in providing feedback, you can email submissions@fndc.govt.nz. I'm happy to give you a call.
  7. Sean Page-Wood
    We have the worst roads in New Zealand and a lot of dusty roads which has been proven to be unhealthy for residents. I unfortunately can't find any information in regards to road sealing as part of the plan. Can you point me in the right direction?
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Hi Sean, I recommend you have a look at www.fndc.govt.nz/ltp2021-31. Under the supporting information (RH column) you can find the proposed capital works programme which gives you an idea of the planned spend in this area https://www.fndc.govt.nz/files/assets/public/documents/spp/new-folder/proposed-capital-works-programme.pdf. I suggest you also review the Regional Land Transport Plan (which is being managed by Northland Regional Council) - https://nrc.objective.com/portal/transport/2021rltp/rltp_rptp_2021. They are receiving submissions until 25 March. Email submissions@fndc.govt.nz if you are not able to source the information you're looking for. Alternatively drop by one of our venues to talk to our staff. We're in central Kerikeri this week (Mon 15 - Fri 19 March) at 66A Kerikeri Road.
  8. Wendy Macdonald
    Hi - what is the new closing date for feedback please?
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora Wendy - this form will be live until midnight Monday 12 April. If you have queries after that date you can email letsplantogether@fndc.govt.nz and your email will reach the District Plan team.
  9. Pani Hauraki
    Definite challenge to access this on line plan due to wifi strength. No updated fiber link available on Kohukohu Rd or in the township of Kohukohu.
    Why are we expected to pay for services we do not access-water/waste water, we pay for sewerage to be collected and disposed of NOW. Na te Atua i homaitia te wai inu, ko wai koutou ki te pa utu i runga i tena. This recommendation favours the people who USE this system, this is NOT of benefit to us.
    Availability rate for water charge? What a joke! There should be no charge, they are not users-kei hea te tino rangatiratanga? Kei hea te mana whenua?
    Introduce a public good charge? These changes are the fairest, best options for people who live in towns, not us who choose to live on whenua tuku iho!
    This is NOT a system that will improve conditions for the majority of hau kainga of Hokianga. What consultation was held with hapu regarding these proposals?
    Money used by Council to fund public services is inequitable eg cemeteries......What Maori cemeteries are maintained by Council?
    What cemeteries are maintained by Council?
    Is the Motukohu rugby field maintained by Council, is any assistance at all given to the committees that are responsible for sports complexes?
    Why are Parks maintained and not sports complexes?
    Why are Town Halls and Public libraries supported and not marae?
    Businesses should expect to pay a higher rate than domestic dwellers, there are privilege that business folk receive that others are not. Allow ALL rate able properties to be used for business purposes without any charge.

    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora Pani, thanks for coming to talk to us in Kohukohu on Saturday, and also for sharing your feedback here. I will include it in the Long Term Plan submission document, for consideration by our Councillors. Ngā mihii, Catherine
  10. Mike Burch
    Catherine, can we please have a reply to Wendy Macdonald's request of eight days ago for a new cut-off date for receipt of submissions?
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      My apologies I missed that. Monday 12 April is the new closing date for receiving general feedback. Just a reminder that this is an informal feedback period - we are checking in with you on the draft before it is formally proposed later this year. You can sign up to our mailing list to receive notification http://eepurl.com/dCLFj9
  11. Kevin Antschak-Brown
    Have REAL rules that are GENUINELY enforced and enforceable, about spraying next to houses, that protect the people and NOT the excess profits of Kiwifruit orchardists, who are typically using minimal wage labour, with POOR oversight, JUST to make an extra buck at the expense of the quality of life and health of the people living next to such orchards.
  12. Neville Walker
    Hi - I have become aware of the Draft District Plan quite recently. I don't want to miss giving feedback, as I do have some concerns - especially regarding the new zone changes. I am trying to make head and tail of the detail in this draft and am finding it a little difficult to get my head around it all. Please could we have verified the closing date/dates for feedback to be submitted re the draft plan and also the rates changes feedback closing date. I see there are 3 different dates thrown into the mix - the 6th of April - which I see from the comments (Catherines) here has been pushed back to the 12th of April - Is this also now the closing date for the changes to the rates? And then at the top of this page it says the feedback closing date is the 7th of May. Maybe fresh clarification of the closing dates would be helpful. Thank you
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      We further extended the feedback period for the Draft District Plan to Monday 7 May. We are able to do this as it is an informal process with no statutory deadline. The closing date for formal submissions to the Long Term Plan (which includes the rates proposal) is midnight tonight - Tuesday 6 April. Go to www.fndc.govt.nz/ltp2021-31 for details. Thanks!
  13. Michael Winch
    The feedback process would be easier if we could comment only on the issues of concern without working through the nine issues identified on the website.
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      You can email submissions@fndc.govt.nz with your feedback if you prefer not to follow the feedback form. Thanks.
  14. Cassandra Gaisford
    The proposed rezoning of our property at 174 Rangitane Road, Kerikeri to Rural Production is not in keeping with current land use, nor surrounding properties. Both the land area (10 acres, most;y trees) and the type of soil does not make it suitable. Next door and further down are all residential properties
  15. Sheryl Bainbridge
    I wish to raise concerns regarding the expansion of the Mangonui Heritage Precinct. Given that I have been unable to get clarity by searching the Council web site it seems to be buried, although it just may indicate my limited search capabilities. I suspect I hold that in common with many ratepayers.
    My concern: I understand there is a proposed expanded Heritage Precinct in Mangonui. I also understand this has been a proposal undertaken without consulting directly and personally with all affected ratepayers.
    This has led to affected persons being unaware of the proposed changes and missing making a submission.
    The effects on permitted activities within the expanded Heritage Precinct are so far reaching I believe it is totally unacceptable to proceed with this proposal until all affected ratepayers have been personally informed and asked for input.
    I therefore ask that this particular proposal be put on hold until such a consultation has taken place with each and every affected ratepayer and their input carefully considered
    1. Catherine LANGFORD
      Kia ora Sheryl, and thanks for your feedback. The draft District Plan has been shared with the community to allow for feedback as part of a non-statutory consultation process. As such it is entirely appropriate for us to be having this discussion about key areas of change, such as Heritage Precincts. The District Plan team is committed to considering the feedback and any concerns that are emerging through this process. We will continue to review the best way to ensure all interested/affected people are well informed.