Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy

Feedback period closes 4pm, 12 August 2022.


We have extended the deadline for submissions on this policy.

We are seeking public feedback on a proposed new Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy. Currently, the council has a policy which allows shops in the Far North to open on Easter Sunday. This policy will expire in February 2024 so we need to make a new one. We propose that the new policy continues to allow Easter Sunday trading across the district.

You can read more information and the proposed policy in the Statement of Proposal(PDF, 1MB).

Paihia is excluded from this policy as it has an exemption under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 which means shops in Paihia can open regardless of the council's policy.

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Questions and answers

The current policy expires in February 2024. If a new policy is not made, shops in the Far North will not be able to trade on Easter Sunday from 2024 onward.

The policy covers all shops in the Far North, except shops in Paihia and shops that are allowed to operate under the Shop Trading Hours Act like petrol stations, pharmacies and garden centres. Liquor outlets are also not covered, as they are regulated by liquor licensing laws.

No, employees have the right to refuse to work on Easter Sunday. However, you do need to give your employer sufficient notice. Refer to sections 5H to 5L of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 for more information.

The proposed policy applies to the whole Far North, except Paihia as it is exempt. If you think shops should or should not open on Easter Sunday in your town, you can share your feedback by completing the feedback form. If a community would prefer that shops were unable to open on Easter Sunday, council can amend the policy to apply to some communities or areas and not others.