Fire and Emergency New Zealand propose long-term lease

Submissions closed on 27 February 2023, 04:30 PM

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Fire & Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) and local volunteer firefighters provide an imperative service to communities in the Far North. FENZ have occupied four sites in the Far North for many years on council-owned land and have made significant capital investment into the stations in all four sites. FENZ have requested long-term lease of the land to justify future investment in the fire station facilities. We are seeking feedback from the community to determine if this is something that they support.

The four sites

  • 3985 State Highway 1, Northern Aupōuri, Pukenui
  • 699 Rangiputa Road, Karikari Peninsula
  • 721 Taupō Bay Road, Taupō Bay
  • 1089 Broadwood Road, Broadwood

The proposal

FENZ are requesting a new 30-year ground lease on all four sites as well as council transferring ownership of the buildings to FENZ. They are also requesting that the portion of 699 Rangiputa Road that FENZ occupy be reclassified from recreation reserve to local purpose reserve. FENZ will allow any existing arrangements involving shared space, access and occupancy with community groups to continue unabated.

Share your feedback

To submit on this proposal, you can complete our online survey, email, post your written submission to Far North District Council, Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440, Attention: Property officer. Please let us know in your submission if you would like the opportunity to speak to your submission.

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Questions and answers

What does a change of classification of the reserve mean?

Reserve land is reserved for a purpose (e.g., recreation reserve). Section 24 of the Reserves Act states that reserves must be classified for the purpose for which they are used. Council proposes to assign the correct reserve classification to the portion of 699 Rangiputa Road being used for community buildings. The remainder of the reserve will remain recreation reserve.

Why do FENZ require long-term leases?

Providing an efficient fire service to the community requires significant investment in infrastructure. To protect FENZ's investment, they wish to gain long term occupancy of the sites. Council acknowledges their significant contribution to the community and wish to support them with a 30-year lease (15 years + 15 year right of renewal).

Volunteer fire fighters are important for our community. Why can't council just go ahead with the proposal?

The Reserves Act 1977 requires council to consult with the public before leasing a reserve or changing the classification of a reserve. Additionally, council's Significance and Engagement Policy identifies the transfer of ownership of strategic assets as a matter of high significance and, therefore, should be consulted with the community.

I want to speak in support of my submission. Which community board meeting do I attend?

The community boards will hear those who wish to speak to their submission. What community board you present to will depend on the site that your submission is regarding. Check out the table below to see which community board will hear submissions on each site. Please let us know in your submission if you would like to be heard. We will contact you to arrange a time.

Submissions on:   Will be heard by: 
 3985 State Highway 1, Northern Aupori, Pukenui   Te Hiku Community Board 
 699 Rangiputa Road, Karikari Peninsula  Te Hiku Community Board
 721 Taupo Bay Road, Mangonui  Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board 
 1089 Broadwood Road, Broadwood  Kaikohe-Hokianga Community Board