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Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) would like to replace the former rural fire depot on the Karikari Peninsula with a new building and facilities, and they require security of tenure on the council-owned land. Council is consulting on a proposal to offer FENZ a 33-year lease and to classify the land, which is currently reserved for recreation, as ‘local purpose (community building) reserve’.

Under the proposed arrangement, the 2,467.5 square metres of land required to house the new building and carpark will be classified as ‘local purpose (community building) reserve’ under the Reserves Act 1977 and will be leased to FENZ at a nominal rate of $1 per year. The rest of the land will remain available as recreation reserve and classified as such.

Current situation

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) have licences to use a number of former rural fire depots owned by council around the district. The licence to use the station at 28 Matai Bay Road, Karikari Peninsula includes all the 1.0390ha of recreation reserve land and the building on this site. It expires in April 2021. Council does not charge rent for the use of the land or building and is responsible for repairs and maintenance. 

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Karikari Fire and Emergency New Zealand, 28 Matai Bay Road, Karikari Peninsula 0483  View Map

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FENZ is reviewing the suitability of individual rural fire depots around the district and is upgrading them as required. The existing fire depot at 28 Matai Bay Road is not fit for purpose in terms of size, functionality, or staff facilities.

FENZ wants to remove the existing building and replace it with a substantial and modern fire and emergency response centre, but before it can make such a large investment, FENZ wants to know they can use the land for a long period.

Why are the two sections of land being classified differently? Reserves should be classified in accordance with their use. Council is making the most of the consultation we're conducting on the lease of the land to also classify the land appropriately.

FENZ will bear all costs of demolition, construction and ongoing repair and maintenance.

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