Maritime Facilities Bylaw

Feedback period closes 5.00pm, Tuesday 28 November 2023


We are seeking public feedback on a proposed new Maritime Facilities Bylaw.

The new bylaw merges the existing Maritime Facilities Bylaw 2002 and Mooring Charges Bylaw into a single Maritime Facilities Bylaw. This will help keep the general intent of the existing bylaws, with improved clarity and consistency.  It also aims to ensure the community can use maritime facilities safely and fairly across the district.

The most significant change is that commercial operators will need to apply for approval to use the council's maritime facilities so that we can ensure these assets are used as intended and maintained accordingly.

You can read more information about the proposed new bylaw in the Statement of Proposal(PDF, 131KB).

How can I have a say?

Your views on this proposal are important to us.  Submissions are open for 8 weeks from Tuesday 3 October to Tuesday 28 November.

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If the online survey doesn't work for you, you can also:

  • Email your submission to
  • Drop-off a written submission at any council service centre or library
  • Post your submission to: Far North District Council, Private Bag 752, Kaikohe 0440
  • Share your feedback verbally: Email


Questions and answers

The purpose of the bylaw is to ensure safe, fair and appropriate use of maritime facilities across the Far North. An independent review of the Maritime Facilities Bylaw identified the need for this bylaw to ensure appropriate use of community maritime assets. 

Commercial users will be required to apply for approval to use council's maritime facilities. The approval process is to ensure that the proposed commercial activity is appropriate for the specific maritime facility. For example, that the size and scale of a boat ramp is suitable and safe for a commercial operator to use.

Fees and charges for commercial use will no longer be stipulated in the bylaw schedules. They will instead be outlined in the Fees and Charges Policy. Fees and charges collected under this bylaw will help to fund the ongoing maintenance of maritime facilities.

There are no plans to charge recreational users for the use of maritime facilities. If this were to be considered, additional public consultation would have to be undertaken. Recreational users will see little change if this bylaw is adopted. The bylaw will continue the general intent of the current bylaw with minor changes to improve language and clarity.

This bylaw will apply to all council maritime facilities in the Far North. This means any facility constructed and used for the launching and landing of vessels including wharves, boat ramps and grids.

If the proposed bylaw is adopted by the council, it is likely to come into effect by March 2024.

This bylaw will be implemented by council staff with the support of Far North Holdings Limited.