Parking Bylaw

Feedback period closes 15 October, 11:59pm


We are seeking feedback on our proposed Parking Bylaw that helps to ensure fair and effective use of parking across our district.

You can read the proposal for the new Parking Bylaw here(PDF, 162KB). The proposal outlines options considered by Council to address parking along with a draft of the proposed Parking Bylaw.

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We know the population of the Far North has grown significantly in the past decade. The impacts of this growth are recognised in our Integrated Transport Strategy that will inform our future decisions. We need to make sure our communities do not enter the Cycle of Automobile Dependency(PDF, 45KB) as they continue to grow. As per National Policy Guidelines, we are unlikely to create more parking spaces through this process.

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The Parking Bylaw will provide the legal mechanism under which parking spaces are made and enforced, including conditions (such as accessible parking or paying a fee) for their use.

The Parking Bylaw will cover the whole Far North District but will exclude State Highways which are managed by Waka Kotahi (New Zealand Transport Agency).

The Parking Bylaw will continue the existing parking limits and restrictions in Far North communities. In the future, Council intends to develop a Parking Policy to guide decision-making about the location of new or changed parking spaces. The Policy will be developed in consultation with our communities in early 2022. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an email notifying you of this consultation and others.

The new parking bylaw uses GPS to identify the locations of road-side parking spaces. This will enable better information to be provided online to identify where parking spaces are located and help you plan your journey into town.

The Parking Bylaw doesn't cover bike parking. However, there are a number of other planned initiatives in the Transport Programme that aim to provide facilities for active mode users with budget allocated towards this in the Long Term Plan 2021-31.