What’s in?

  •  The total number of councillors and community board members
  • The names of general and Māori wards
  • The number and boundaries of general and Māori wards.

What’s out?

  • Council’s decision to establish Māori wards
  • Council’s decision to conduct the 2022 local body elections using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system.

Why are you doing this?

All councils are required to do this under the Local Electoral Act at least every 6 years. Our last review was in 2015.

When will this new structure come into effect?

Once the Local Government Commission make their determination (decision) in April 2022, it will come into effect for the 2022 local body elections.

Why are there three general wards and only one Māori ward?

Council felt that the current three general ward structure was still fit for purpose and allowed effective and fair representation. With the late adoption of Māori wards (in May 2021) council didn’t have enough time to engage with our Māori community to work out the best structure – one or more Māori wards. Therefore, the decision was made to go with one ward for the 2022 elections – if it works, then we’ll keep it that way, and if it doesn’t we have time in 2023 to engage with Māori on the best structure ahead of the 2025 elections.

Why did Council adopt this proposal as its initial proposal?

There are a number of reasons:

  • It aligns with our communities of interest and fixes historical issues with communities being split between wards or subdivisions 
  • It largely reflects early feedback from our community during the Navigating Our Course engagement roadshow earlier this year 
  • It ensures that our communities of interest are fairly and effectively represented  
  • It ensures that there is fair representation across the whole district (based on population)
  • It complies with the requirements of the Local Electoral Act 2001 for fair and effective representation. 

I don’t agree with establishing Māori wards. Can I submit against this decision?

No. This decision has already been made by Council and cannot be reversed through the representation review process. 

Do Māori ward councillors only represent Māori?

 No. All councillors, whether elected from general or Māori wards represent the entire community in our District.

How can I find out if my area has changed?

Refer to the interactive map online. Put in the address and refer to the information pop up boxes to see if there are any changes.

Can I wait and see what the final proposal is before I make my views known?

If you have a view on the Initial Proposal this is your opportunity to share it. Your view will be taken into account when Council considers submissions on the Initial Proposal in order to formalise the Final Proposal. If you don’t like Council’s final proposal, you can lodge an appeal to the Local Government Commission.

If I am on the general roll, can I only vote for councillors standing in the general wards?

Yes. Those on the general roll can only vote for councillors standing in their general ward.

Why can’t I vote for the Māori councillors as well? (and vice-versa)

Those on the general roll can only vote for councillors standing in their general ward, whereas those on the Māori roll can only vote for councillors standing in the Māori ward.

Does the roll I am on affect who I vote for on community boards?

No – both rolls will vote for their community board members, and the Mayor.

I want to move to the Māori electoral roll...

I am Māori, currently on the general electoral roll but want to move to the Māori electoral roll so I can vote for councillors in the Māori ward – can I do this before the next local body elections? 

No – the next available opportunity to change rolls will be in 2024. This is determined by central government (the Electoral Commission) under the Māori Electoral Option, which is usually held every 5 years (the last one was in 2018) - refer Electoral Commission | New Zealand Government www.govt.nz.

How do I find out which electoral roll I am on (Māori or General)?

The Electoral Commission is responsible for electoral rolls under Vote.nz. Please visit their website at Home | Vote NZ or call them on 0800 36 76 56.