Speed Limits Bylaw 2019

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School zone - Springbank

What’s this about?

We are required to review all speed limits in the District under the Government’s Road to Zero National Road Safety Strategy.  To do this, we are undertaking a road catchment based rolling review of speed limits.  Our initial focus is on high-benefit roads where better speed management will reduce serious injury and fatal crashes.   

Why are we doing this?

Speed limits on many of our roads were set when limits were restricted to 50 km/h in urban areas, 100 km/h in most other places and 70 km/h on a few semi-urban roads. As a result, our speed limits do not always match the road environment. In some cases, we have 100 km/h speed limits on narrow, unsealed roads with one-lane bridges and poor visibility on corners. Our district has also grown, and traffic volumes have changed. 

We need to ensure we all get to our destination safely.  Better speed management is one way of making our roads safer.  Other ways of improving safety include better engineering, safer cars and improving driver education.  Government and Council are working on these other options as well, but they take time (and are costly), and we need to reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our roads now.

There were 7,409 reported crashes in Northland between 2014 and 2018. Speed was a factor in 20% of these crashes and a factor in 30% of 733 death and serious injury crashes. Communities throughout the Far North are asking us to reduce speed limits.

Where are we in the review process?

Okaihau-Kaeo-Waimate Review Area:  The Council has completed a review of this area and it adopted a Recommendations Report at its meeting on 21 May 2020.  New signage, required engineering works and changes to the Speed Limits Bylaw are currently being undertaken.  The new speed limits in this area will come into force on 25 January 2021.

Kaitaia-Awaroa and Kohukohu-Broadwood:  The Council has started initial background work needed to review this area.  It is expected that we will engage with local communities in early 2021.

Bay of Islands and Kerikeri:  A review of speed limits in this area is now scheduled to commence early in the second half of 2021.

How can I have a say?

You will have an opportunity to provide feedback on all proposed speed limits before we make final decisions.  We will publicly notify any proposed speed limit changes in local newspapers and on this web page and through other Council communications.  Notification will include a Statement of Proposal that sets out what we are proposing and how to make a submission.



Road name

Mangakaretu Rd (Puketotara Rd to 50 m south of Maungaparerua Stream Bridge), Montrose Rd, Ness Rd, Old Bay Rd, Onekura Rd (Pungaere Rd to Daroux Dr), Puketotara Rd (SH10 to end of seal near Mangakaretu Rd), Pungaere Rd (SH10 to 120 m south of Glendale Heights - end of seal), Showground Rd, Te Ahu Ahu Rd, Valencia Ln, Waiare Rd (SH10 to Upokorau Rd - end of seal), Waiare Rd (50 m north of Puketi Rd to SH1), Waimate North Rd (50 m south of Amuri Rd intersection to Te Ahu Ahu Rd), Waipapa West Rd, Wehirua Rd, Wiroa Rd (30 m southwest of Kerikeri entrance to Waiare Rd)

Amuri Rd, Bullman Rd, Caprine Rd, Courthouse Ln, Daroux Dr, Ironbark Rd, Jenkins Rd, Jennings Rd, Koronae Rd, Koropewa Rd, Lodore Rd, Lodore Rd East, Mangakaretu Rd (50 m south of Maungaparerua Stream Bridge to Puketotara Rd - unsealed), McLeod Rd, Ngapuhi Rd, Onekura Rd (Daroux Dr to end of road), Oromahoe School Rd, Otaere Rd, Porotu Rd, Pukepoto Rd, Puketi Rd, Puketotara Rd (unsealed to Waiare Rd), Pungaere Rd (120 m south of Glendale Heights - end of seal - to Waiare Rd), Riverstream Dr, Saward Rd, Scott Rd, Shirley Rd, Topps Access Rd, Tyree Rd, Upokorau Rd, Waiare Rd (Upokorau Rd to 50m north of Puketi Rd), Waikaramu Rd, Waikopiro Ln, Waikuku Rd, Waimate North Rd (SH10 to 50 m south of Amuri Rd intersection), Whakataha Rd,

Herbert Rd, Karaka Rd, Manuwai Rd

Wiroa Rd (SH1 to 30 m southwest of Kerikeri entrance)

Old Valley Rd

Kahikatearoa Ln, Klinac Ln, Maritime Ln, Pataka Ln, Poplar Ln, Waipapa Loop Rd


Springbank School,

Waimate North Rd,


Te Rangi Aniwaniwa,

Quarry Rd,



Council is required to review speed limits across the district as part of a national Safer Journeys programme. Before doing the reviews, we needed to ensure that our Speed Limit Bylaw was consistent with the Land Transport Act 1998, Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2017 and other speed limit bylaws in Northland.

Earlier in 2019, we sought public feedback on minor administrative changes to the bylaw to bring it into line with the latest legislation and to achieve greater consistency with other councils in Northland. These changes included updated definitions, realignment of the way the Council changes speed limits, as well as renumbered and new schedules.  We also renamed the Bylaw “Speed Limits Bylaw 2019”.  These changes were adopted by Council on 27 June 2019.

We are undertaking speed reviews across Northland in a staged process. We will keep this consultation page updated with new areas that we are consulting on. We will also ensure that each Council web page is kept up to date with speed limit consultations. 

Road catchment area

Consultation opens

Consultation closes

Okaihau – Kaeo – Waimate catchment area

21 October 2019

22 November 2019

Springbank School Zone (Waimate North Road)

21 October 2019

22 November 2019

Te Rangi Aniwaniwa School Zone (Quarry Road Kaitaia)

21 October 2019

22 November 2019


The Speed Limit Review process is managed by the Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) as a regional project, covering Far North, Whangarei and Kaipara Districts.

Each Council manages the consultation process for roads in their District according to that Council’s established consultation processes and systems.

Who is the NTA?

The Northland Transportation Alliance (NTA) is a collaboration between local government and the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to deliver joined up services for roading and transportation in Northland.  Members of the alliance include NZTA, Northland Regional Council, Kaipara, Whangarei and Far North District Councils.


We have prioritised the areas that we are undertaking speed limit reviews based on evidence-based risk profiles.  The risk profile indicates areas where a speed limit or management review will provide the greatest road safety benefits by reducing the number and severity of serious injury and fatal crashes.

In addition to risk assessments, we have also considered feedback received from the community, police and other key stakeholders, including Council road engineers.  


Yes, you can. We will record the feedback you provide and consider it when that area is reviewed.  We would however prefer that you focus on the areas currently under review.

Yes. We are required to review speed limits on all roads in the district.  This will be undertaken in a staged process over time, with the highest risk areas reviewed first.

We received 166 submissions and 11 submitters indicated they would like to speak with Council in person.

The hearings took place in Council Chambers, Kaikohe on Wednesday 4 December.

You can read the submissions on the Okaihau, Kaeo and Waimate North area consultations here(PDF, 6MB)

 Two submitters provided additional material on the day of hearings for Council to consider: