Te Hiku Concept Improvement Plans

Submissions extended to Sunday 9 April 2023, 05:00 PM


Te Hiku Community Board has commissioned concept improvement plans to identify a vision for the future of recreational and community living in Hihi, Doubtless Bay, Karikari Peninsula and Houhora/Pukenui areas. We want to hear what you think about these draft improvement plans as people who live, work and play in Hihi, Coopers Beach, Taipa, Karikari Peninsula and Rangiputa.

NB: Te Hiku Community Board hosted a meeting regarding the Pukenui and Houhora plan in May last year. 

The improvement plans have been drafted as a starting point and aim to create connectivity between council reserves. We want your feedback to understand how you want these spaces to function and to improve the draft plans further. Check out the plans by area then tell us what you think using the survey below. You only need to provide feedback on the plans that are of interest to you.

View the Hihi plans

View the Doubtless Bay plans

View the Karikari Peninsula plans

View the Houhora/Pukenui plans