Three Waters Reform survey


What is this about?

The Government recently announced a proposal to change the way three waters services (drinking water, wastewater and stormwater) are provided in New Zealand. Currently, 67 councils own and run most of New Zealand’s drinking water, wastewater and stormwater services. The Government believes the nation’s three waters services could be provided more efficiently if they were delivered by fewer entities. It is proposing to establish four publicly-owned entities governed by independent boards to deliver three waters services in New Zealand. These services would be provided in the Far North by an entity covering the Northland and Auckland areas (Zone A). The Council is considering what is best for the Far North. We want to know what residents think before deciding whether to opt in or out of the reform programme.

Find out more

We have provided more information about the Government’s three waters proposal in the water section of our website. This information explains why the Government wants to reform three waters services. There is information about the new water services entities the Government is proposing and the issues we need to consider in deciding how best to deliver three waters services.  We have also provided key reports to help people weigh up the pros and cons of the proposal and a link to the Department of Internal Affairs website where there is more information.  We encourage you to read this information and review these reports before taking part in our short survey which closes on 22 October 2021. 

Have your say

The Mayor and Councillors will decide in November whether to opt in or out of the Government’s Three Waters Reform Programme. Before making this decision, they will consider feedback from the community on this issue. The Council has engaged independent research company, Key Research, to undertake a poll of Far North residents randomly selected from the General and Māori Electoral Rolls. We also recognise that there is strong interest in this issue in our community, so are giving other residents the opportunity to have their say on this issue. You can provide your feedback at an online portal Key Research has created. Please note, this is not a binding referendum.  However, Elected Members will consider the results of the survey before deciding whether to join the programme. The closing date for the survey is 22 October 2021.

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