Vehicle Crossing Bylaw

Submissions closed on 27 November 2020, 05:00 PM

vehicle crossing.jpg

We are seeking public feedback on a proposed Vehicle Crossings Bylaw(PDF, 205KB) that will help to ensure property entrances are safe and do not undermine district roads.  

A vehicle crossing is the area of driveway from a road to a property boundary. In rural areas a crossing generally crosses over a culvert. In towns, they typically cross a footpath or berm.  

The proposed bylaw is intended to ensure that vehicle crossings are fit-for purpose, safe, and meet the Council’s engineering standards. These specify crossing dimensions and the materials required in rural and urban areas depending on the number and size of vehicles that will use the accessway. For example, standards for a  crossing onto a dairy farm where milk tankers visit daily are different from residential property standards where light vehicles normally use the crossing.  

The bylaw aims to protect road users from poorly constructed crossings that can collapse during heavy rain events or under the weight of vehicles accessing a property. Collapsed crossings can be a hazard to motorists and pedestrians. They can also lead to road scouring and damage to drains requiring costly repairs for ratepayers.  

The proposed bylaw outlines an approvals and inspection process to make sure vehicle crossings are constructed to standard. If a vehicle crossing is unsafe or in disrepair, the bylaw also allows the Council to require that it be removed, repaired, or reconstructed.