‘Golden’ America’s Cup opportunity for Far North communities

Published on 22 May 2020


Far North communities are being called on to ‘own the zone’ and fundraise for their own projects by supporting next year’s America’s Cup.

Race organisers are asking communities to host official America’s Cup FanZones during the races to be held in March 2021. The offer is open to any organisation that can provide a venue with a minimum capacity of 100 people, fast and reliable internet connectivity, and a big television screen to display America’s Cup races on. 

Far North District Council General Manager – Strategic Planning and Policy, Darrell Sargent, says the offer from America’s Cup Events is golden opportunity for community groups.

“FanZone hosts can use the races as a vehicle to promote and fundraise for their own projects. We anticipate schools, town halls, sailing clubs and marae could become FanZone venues. It is entirely up to Community organisations how many races they show and how they leverage the international event to benefit their projects.”

America’s Cup races start on 6 March 2021 and are run every two days until the first team wins nine races.

Mr Sargent says communities or organisations have until 29 May to nominate themselves as a potential FanZone. As well as capacity for a big screen, reliable internet and room for at least 100 people, venues need to provide adequate parking, and be accessible and welcoming. Hosts should also be able to attract local sponsors.  

He says community groups do not need to have every detail confirmed before submitting a nomination. “If a venue meets the minimum FanZone requirements, I urge groups to submit their nominations before the deadline to ensure they are in the running.”

Each FanZone will be recognised by America’s Cup Events and may be visited by sponsors in a promotional capacity. They may also be visited by news media keen to show audiences supporting the America’s Cup.

Go to the Community initiatives page on the FNDC website to find out how to apply. Applications must be received by 29 May 2020.

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