All clear given for Tokerau Beach

Published on 10 November 2023

Tokerau Beach map.PNG

Warning signs at Tokerau Beach will be removed today after Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand confirmed there is no longer a risk to beach users following a wastewater spill last week.

The warning not to swim or collect shellfish was issued on Tuesday (31 October) after a wastewater pipeline at the north end of the popular Whatuwhiwhi beach was ruptured by severe weather caused by ex-cyclone Lola.

Te Whatu Ora confirmed yesterday that latest sea water tests taken on Monday 6 November had shown e-coli readings at normal levels. Far North Waters (FNW), the council’s three waters alliance partner will remove warning signs today.

The spill occurred after severe weather and rough sea conditions washed away sections of concrete protecting a pipeline that runs along the beach edge. This caused two sections of pipe to separate. The FNW team immediately isolated the section to prevent continued spillage, completed interim repairs and cleaned up the area using a tanker with a sucker hose.  Local hapū have been involved in discussions and monitoring of the interim repairs by (FNW).

Further work has now been undertaken to ensure the pipeline is secure in the event of future severe weather and FNW is assessing more permanent options to protect the network. It has also improved processes to ensure that communities are informed more quickly of any similar events. 

Last updated 10 November 2023