Council seeks feedback on three bylaws

Published on 14 September 2021

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Far North residents are being asked for feedback on three new bylaws that will update and simplify existing rules for parking, roadside activities, and the maintenance of private wastewater systems. 

The rules are currently covered by the Parking and Traffic Control Bylaw, and the Control of On-site Wastewater Disposal Systems Bylaw – both of which will be revoked next year.

Chair of the Council’s Strategy and Policy Committee, Rachel Smith, says the need to replace the existing bylaws provides an ideal opportunity to update and simplify rules for parking, the use of footpaths and other roadside areas, and rules for on-site wastewater systems.

“The most significant change will be to the Parking and Traffic Control Bylaw. We believe that splitting this into two bylaws will be clearer and more practical. The new Parking Bylaw will focus only on parking rules, while the Road Use Bylaw will provide clarity around activities on footpaths and roadsides.”

She says that the proposed Parking Bylaw removes restrictions and controls on State Highways, which are regulated by the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. The bylaw also updates the locations of parking restrictions on district roads to ensure they are consistent with current road markings. Maps of these locations will be included in consultation documents.

The new Road Use Bylaw will help to ensure the safety of all road users and includes public land adjacent to district roads. It replaces the term ‘traffic control’ with ‘road use’ so that all road users are included, not just vehicles. Activities covered by the new bylaw include:

  • Control of advertising signs
  • Obstruction of public spaces
  • Public safety and nuisance, including littering and skateboarding
  • Awnings and blinds
  • Busking
  • Al fresco dining.

Current permit and licence holders for roadside stalls and stands who may be impacted by the new Road Use Bylaw will be contacted directly about the consultation.

Ms Smith says the On-site Wastewater Disposal Systems Bylaw will reduce ambiguity around the regulation of on-site wastewater disposal systems for commercial and industrial properties and, as part of ongoing Council efforts to make all bylaws more understandable and user-friendly, will clarify language used.

The consultations will be conducted online and will run for five weeks from 13 September to 15 October 2021. Submitters who do not have online access can post submissions directly to the Council or drop them into a service centre (alert levels permitting). If requested, public hearings on the three proposed bylaws will be held on 26 October.

Go to to find out more and make a submission.