Easter Sunday shopping reaffirmed by council

Published on 08 March 2023


Far North District Council has adopted a new Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy, reaffirming a decision made in 2017 to allow shops throughout the district to open on Easter Sunday.

The new policy will apply from this Easter Sunday 9 April 2023 and replaces the existing policy.

While only minor changes and corrections to the wording were made, the council sought feedback from the public on the new policy. The public, business associations, unions and religious organisations, including interdenominational associations, were invited to provide feedback between May and August 2022. In all, 140 submissions were received, 62 per cent were in favour of the draft policy with 36 per cent against. Two per cent did not specify a position. 

The council adopted the new policy at its 9 February meeting, accepting advice that the Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy will support the social and economic wellbeing of communities, supports businesses reliant on tourism during the Easter long weekend, and is fairer to all businesses.

It was also noted that the policy does not stop Christians from observing their faith on the holy day, that no complaints about the current policy on Easter Sunday shop trading had been received, and that the rights of shop employees are fully protected by legislation. Section 5H of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990, specifically protects the right of employees to refuse to work on Easter Sunday.

Last updated 08 March 2023