Foreshore Road footbridge under repair

Published on 17 June 2022

Ahipara foreshore bridge.jpg

Weight restrictions have been applied as a precaution to a footbridge that crosses Wairoa Stream on Foreshore Road at Ahipara.

The restriction was applied after routine maintenance revealed structural damage to the footbridge and deterioration of concrete supporting beams. 

The footbridge, which is the only pedestrian crossing over the stream, runs alongside the Foreshore Road vehicle bridge. However, the two structures are not connected, and the road bridge remains safe to use. 

Scaffolding has been erected to reduce loading on the footbridge until repairs can be made. Despite this, engineers recommend that only one person at a time cross the footbridge for safety reasons.

Damage to the underside of the footbridge was discovered last week while engineers were carrying out routine checks on the adjacent road bridge. They say that it appears a concrete support beam was impacted in the past and that damage has allowed exposed reinforcing steel to corrode, further undermining the structure.

The weight restriction will remain in place until repairs can be made. This is still to be determined subject to the results of the engineer’s assessment that is scheduled next week.

Warning signs and barriers will be in place at each side of the footbridge until repairs are completed.