Gearing up for new speed limits

Published on 20 January 2021

School zone - Springbank

New speed limits are coming into force on 62 roads in the Far North in a drive to improve safety.

The changes to the Council-administered roads between Kaeo and Ohaeawai are being introduced on January 25 and follows a public consultation process that gathered 166 submissions from the community.

The rolling review of speed limits on roads across the Far North is part of the Government’s Road to Zero Road Safety Strategy but is also in response to concerns raised by residents about speed limits on a number of district roads.

Speed limits fall from 100 km/h to 80 km/h on 16 roads or sections of roads, from 100 km/h to 60 km/h on 34 roads, from 100 km/h to 40 km/h on 10 roads, and limits will rise from 50 km/h to 60 km/h on two roads. Speed limits remain unchanged at 50 km/h on seven roads.

Far North Mayor John Carter says the District has grown since the current speed limits were set and traffic volumes have changed.

“We need to ensure we all get to our destinations safely. Improved speed management is one way of making our roads safer,” he says.

Other ways of increasing safety include better road engineering, safer cars and improving driver education.

“The Government and Council are working on these other options as well, but they take time and are costly. Amending speed limits is one way we can reduce serious injuries and fatalities on our roads now,” Mayor Carter says.

New speed limit signs will begin to be installed from January 25. The installation will take a few weeks and the new speed limit on each road will come into force once the signs are displayed. 

The Council has started initial background work for a review of speed limits on roads in the Kaitaia-Awaroa and Kohukohu-Broadwood areas and aims to seek feedback on proposed limits early this year. A review of speed limits on Council roads in the Bay of Islands and Kerikeri will begin in the second half of 2021.

New limits are as follows:

Road name

Current speed limit

New speed limit

Mangakaretu Rd (from Puketotara Rd to north of Tyree Rd), Ness Rd, Old Bay Rd, Onekura Rd (from Pungaere Rd to Daroux Dr), Puketotara Rd (from SH10 to Mangakaretu Rd), Pungaere Rd (from SH10 to end of seal approx 120m southeast of Glendale Heights Rd), Sandys Rd (from SH10 to number 238 Sandys Rd), Te Ahu Ahu Rd (from SH10 to Old Bay Road), Te Ahu Ahu Rd (from Old Bay Rd to SH1), Waiare Rd (from SH10 to Upokorau Rd — end of seal), Waiare Rd (from 50m north of Puketi Rd to SH1), Waipapa West Rd, Waimate North Rd (from Valencia Ln to 660 Waimate North Rd), Waimate North Road (from Okokako Rd to Te Ahu Ahu Rd), Wehirua Rd, Wiroa Rd (from 50m southwest of Kerikeri Airport entrance to Waiare Rd)







Bullman Rd, Ironbark Rd, Jenkins Rd, Jennings Rd, Koronae Rd, Koropewa Rd, Lodore Rd, Lodore East Rd, Mangakaretu Rd (from north of Tyree Rd to Puketotara Rd), Montrose Rd, Ngapuhi Rd, Okokako Rd, Onekura Rd (from Daroux Dr to road end), Otaere Rd, Porotu Rd, Pukepoto Rd, Puketi Rd, Puketotara Rd (from Mangakaretu Rd to Waiare Rd), Pungaere Rd (from end of seal approx 120m southeast of Glendale Heights Rd to Waiare Rd), Saward Rd, Scott Rd, Shirley Rd, Signal Rd, Topps Access Rd, Tyree Rd, Valencia Ln, Waiare Rd (from Upokorau Rd to 50m north of Puketi Rd (unsealed section), Waikaramu Rd, Waikopiro Ln, Waikuku Rd, Waimate North Rd (from SH10 to Valencia Ln), Waimate North Rd (from 660 Waimate North Rd to Okokako Rd), Whakataha Rd, Wiroa Rd (from SH10 to 50m southwest of Kerikeri Airport entrance




Caprine Rd, Courthouse Ln, Daroux Dr, Herbert Rd, Karaka Rd, Manuwai Ln, Oromahoe School Rd, Riverstream Dr, Sandys Rd (from number 238 to end of road), Upokorau Rd





McLeod Rd, Old Valley Rd




Kahikatearoa Ln, Klinac Ln, Maritime Ln, Pataka Ln, Poplar Ln, Skippers Ln, Waipapa Loop Rd




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