Help needed to locate Ōpua water outage

Published on 09 February 2024


**UPDATE 9PM Fri 9 Feb**

Contractors report that a burst water main that almost drained Ōpua’s storage reservoir this afternoon has been located and repaired. The break occurred down a steep, bush-clad bank and was almost impossible to detect.

The reservoir is now refilling, but residents and businesses are being asked to continue conserving water for another 24 hours to give the reservoir time to fully recharge.


Ōpua residents experiencing low water pressure are being asked to immediately report this to the council on 0800 920 029, while all other homes or businesses connected to the supply are being asked to immediately conserve water.

The call comes after water levels suddenly dropped this afternoon in the storage reservoir serving the Ōpua community. At 6pm tonight (Friday), levels in the reservoir had dropped to just 30 per cent of normal capacity.

The cause of the sudden drop is likely to be a major break in a water main. Far North Waters contractors are now trying to locate and isolate the cause and are asking residents from Te Haumi Heights to Ōpua to report any unusual areas of running water or indications of high water use. Unusually low water pressure can indicate that the break is nearby and this will help contractors to isolate the cause of the outage.  

People can also help by not watering gardens, deferring clothes washing until supplies return to normal, taking shorter showers and flushing less often.

Please call 0800 920 029 to report running water, or indications of high water use.

Water supplies elsewhere in the district are not affected. Far North Waters is an Alliance between the Far North District Council and Ventia for the operation and management of water assets in the district.


Last updated 09 February 2024