Kaikohe skate ramp to reopen

Published on 22 September 2022

Kaikohe skate ramp.jpg

Kaikohe skateboarders will be hoping for sunshine over the long weekend with the Memorial Park skate ramp due to be reopened tomorrow.

The skate ramp was closed for repairs in August due to movement of the curved metal ramp plates that had resulted in screw heads popping out of the ramp surface. The council closed and fenced off the ramp after receiving reports that some users had been injured by screw heads.

Work to repair the ramp included removing the plates, replacing the ply sheets beneath, and resurfacing the ramp with skatelite. This is a durable solid paper composite material used as a riding surface for extreme sports and favoured by skateboarders and BMX riders. 

Temporary fencing preventing access to the ramp will be removed tomorrow morning. 


Last updated 22 September 2022