Kaitaia water restrictions relaxed further

Published on 12 June 2020

Centennial Park (Jaycee) - Kaitaia

Water restrictions in Kaitaia are being reduced from Level 3 to Level 2 today.

The reduction means households and businesses connected to Council supplies can use handheld hoses to water gardens, and wash cars, buildings and paved areas. Swimming pools can also be filled from the mains supply, although a ban on automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems remains for both commercial and residential users.

Mayor John Carter says that despite drought conditions still impacting much of Northland, the Council is confident it can further relax water restrictions for Kaitaia due to improved resilience of the supply. Tough Level 4 restrictions that had been in place for Kaitaia since February were reduced to Level 3 late last month.

“Recorded flows in the Awanui River are now above minimum levels set by Northland Regional Council and are remaining stable. Dry periods are forecast over the coming week, but we are confident the underground water source now supplementing supplies provides the resilience we require to deliver water to Kaitaia uninterrupted.”

The bore on iwi-owned Sweetwater Farm began supplying Kaitaia in late March. It was built with the support of Te Rarawa and Ngāi Takoto as a temporary solution to help Kaitaia through critical summer water shortages caused by the worst drought recorded for many years.

The Council is now working on a permanent, aquifer-based source for the town and plans to access water from a bore it already has consent to use.

Water restrictions remain in place for all Council water supplies in the Far North. 

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