New bylaw protects parks and reserves

Published on 20 September 2023


A new bylaw that regulates the use of parks and reserves owned or controlled by the council came into effect on Monday 18 September after gaining approval by the Minister of Conservation.

The Parks and Reserves Bylaw allows these valuable community assets to be regulated so they are protected from damage and enables the community to enjoy these spaces free from offensive behaviour and other nuisances.

Activities that are regulated by the bylaw include:

  • Gatherings and events at parks and reserves
  • Operating and/or parking vehicles and boats
  • Camping
  • Bringing dogs and other animals to these spaces
  • Commercial activities
  • Setting off fireworks.

Community consultation on the new bylaw took place in July 2022 with the council adopting it in February 2023, subject to the approval of the Minister of Conservation.

You can find the bylaw on our website 


Last updated 20 September 2023