Oneroa Bay tree to get some TLC

Published on 27 January 2023


A much-loved Moreton Bay Fig tree on Long Beach Road at Oneroa Bay, Russell will be receiving significant maintenance work from mid-February.

The tree, which is likely to be around 90 years old, is in decline with some branches becoming unstable. Arborists have recommended that deadwood be removed from load bearing branches to reduce risks to the public. Removing weight from the larger branches will also enhance the health of the tree and could extend its life.

The tree has become much-loved in the area due to its regular use as a backdrop for wedding photographs, as well as for providing shade over many years for Long Beach residents and visitors. Local arborists charged with the maintenance task have extensive experience dealing with trees of a similarly grand size. Following the maintenance work, the council will continue to monitor the tree’s health annually and also assess potential safety risks.