Online mapping tool locates ward and subdivision voters

Published on 04 August 2022


A mapping tool is now available on the FNDC website to help residents confirm which ward or subdivision they are in ahead of the October local elections.

The new tool will be especially helpful for those living in or near the newly created Waipapa subdivision.

The council’s 2021 Representation Review, Te Arotake Whakakanohitanga, proposed the creation of the new Waipapa subdivision to be added to the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward. The review also recommended the addition of an extra councillor (bringing the total to 10) and the creation of Ngā Tai o Tokerau, a district-wide Māori ward. These changes were proposed to better reflect our increasing population and to make sure the structure of the council accurately reflects our communities. The council is required by law to review the way the district is represented every six years. The Local Government Commission approved the final proposal in March 2022.

For people living in Waipapa, this means they can now elect a Waipapa subdivision candidate to join the Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Community Board.

To check which ward or community board your address is in, you can access the Far North electoral boundary search map here, or go to the Local Elections 2022 webpage. Enter your address in the search bar (top left of the screen) and when your address has loaded use the + and – symbols next to the search bar to zoom in and out of the map to reveal colour coding for each of the 13 subdivisions in the Far North. Use the map layers (top right of the screen) to reveal the key that names each subdivision by their map colours.

Those considering standing as a Waipapa subdivision candidate need to be nominated by two people who live in that subdivision, although they don’t need to live in that subdivision themselves.

The Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward is represented by seven community board members (Kawakawa-Moerewa, Kerikeri, Paihia, Russell-Ōpua, Whangaroa and Waipapa), as well as three councillors.

Voting in the local election is by postal vote, with voting documents sent out from Friday 16 September. Voting closes on Saturday 8 October, at midday.

If you’re eligible to vote it’s important you have your say in who represents you by enrolling and voting.



Last updated 08 August 2022