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Partnering for community improvements on the Paihia waterfront

Three areas in Paihia have been earmarked for improvement projects to be delivered by a working group in consultation with the local community and funded by $1.7 million from Council.

Lighting to improve public safety and accessibility between Kings Road and Alfresco’s Restaurant in Paihia should be completed before Christmas, as part of a council funded project.

The project is one of three focused on community-driven improvements in the area, with the other two being at Horotutu - Our Place and the Bluff, an area which overlooks Paihia. Improvements suggested for these two areas include seating, paths, lighting and improved safety railings but the Paihia community will be consulted on changes before any design work begins.

Delivery of all three projects is being managed by members of a working group consisting of local hapū, Focus Paihia Community Trust, Business Paihia Inc, and council staff.

Chair for Focus Paihia Trust, Grant Harnish said the projects would see a transformation of the Paihia waterfront with spokesperson for Business Paihia Inc, Charles Parker adding, “a commitment to enhance the waterfront which is so vital to residents and visitors, is an exciting opportunity for us all.”

Mana whenua representative Ngāti Kawa Taituha said working in partnership with the respective community members, trust entities, agencies and authorities will be a challenge.

“But the positive is that we are all at the table together, thinking, talking and collaborating on what the creative design of our public space will look like in the future. It’s a great model and mode of operation so now it’s up to all of us to work together on making it a success.”

Funding for the three projects will come from $1.7 million committed by Council for the delivery of Paihia waterfront improvements. This funding was originally part of a $13.84 million breakwater and beach restoration project that was cancelled in June due to spiralling costs. Of the total, $8 million was to be provided by the government’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund, with $5.8 million coming from the council’s Long Term Plan (LTP). The $1.7 million outlined for these three projects comes from this $5.8 million LTP allocation. These are the same three areas identified for improvement as part of the breakwater and beach restoration project.

A town meeting was held in Paihia in August to gather feedback on other potential infrastructure projects in the area with the remaining $4.1 million balance from the breakwater and beach project. You can find out more about that here.


Photo - part of the area known locally as Horotutu - Our Place.