Pipe up to report a water leak

Published on 13 September 2023


Two sharp-eyed students are getting a special plug from the Far North Waters Alliance for spotting a significant leak in Kaikohe's main pipeline.

Okaihau College students Aurora and Azalea spotted the leak as litres of water per second gushed from the pipe. The main runs alongside a road bridge but was not visible to motorists or pedestrians on the opposite side of the bridge.

After discovering the leak last Thursday (7 September), the pair immediately reported it to the council and included detailed photos of the breach. This helped maintenance teams to respond quickly. Multiple streets were without water for several hours while the leak was repaired, but the students' swift action prevented much wider disruption to the town's water supply.

Far North Waters Alliance rewarded the students with a prezzy card and box of chocolates for helping their community and the taiao.

Far North Waters Alliance, which is the council’s three waters alliance partner, urges anyone who spots a water leak in their neighbourhood to follow the students' example and report it immediately.

Water leaks not only waste an invaluable resource, they can also lead to higher bills and damage other infrastructure.

Reporting a water leak is easy. Give us a call on 0800 920 029.


Last updated 13 September 2023