Safety plans delivered to national water regulator

Published on 29 November 2022


Water safety plans for Far North District Council’s eight drinking water supplies have been delivered to the national drinking water regulator, Taumata Arowai.

Taumata Arowai took over from the Ministry of Health as New Zealand’s drinking water regulator in November 2021. It sets standards and ensures that registered drinking water suppliers (such as councils) are delivering customers safe drinking water. This includes more frequent monitoring to meet Taumata Arowai’s new monthly reporting requirements. Information about Taumata Arowai and drinking water standards can be found at

Taumata Arowai required large water suppliers like councils to submit water safety plans by 14 November 2022. The plans identify any risks from the water source to the tap that might prevent suppliers providing customers with safe water at expected quantities. The plans outline how those risks are managed and how providers aim to improve the delivery of safe, affordable water supplies into the future.

Improvement plans have been created for the eight council-operated drinking water schemes to support the water safety plans. These chart future maintenance and upgrade projects, some of which are significant projects, such as investigating alternative water sources or building new treatment facilities. Information on each council-operated drinking water supply can be found at on the council website.

Council staff and its three waters alliance partner, Far North Waters, are now planning the implementation of improvements plans. An annual report will be submitted to Taumata Arowai covering the progress of the implementation. 

Last updated 29 November 2022