Storm causes wastewater spill at Tokerau Beach

Published on 01 November 2023

Tokerau Beach 1 Nov.jpg

The Far North Waters (FNW) Alliance team responded to a report of a broken wastewater pipeline at the north end of Tokerau Beach Whatuwhiwhi on Tuesday morning (31 October).

The report followed 48 hours of severe weather in Northland with extensive rain and wind, combined with high tides and storm surges. The pipeline runs along the beach edge. The severe weather and rough sea conditions washed away concrete protecting the pipeline resulting in its exposure and a section between two pipes separating.

Upon inspection, the FNW team isolated the pipeline section to prevent continued spillage, completed interim repairs and undertook a clean-up of the affected areas using a tanker with a sucker hose. Northland Regional Council and Te Whatu Ora were notified. FNW returned to the site today (1 November) to assess the need for any immediate further repairs and commence planning longer term, sustainable solutions.

To ensure the local community is aware of the spillage, FNW has erected signs in the immediate area advising beachgoers that human sewage has spilled into the sea and to not swim or collect shellfish until further notice. FNW will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days.

Far North Waters is an Alliance between the Far North District Council and Ventia for the operation and management of water assets in the district.

Last updated 01 November 2023