Stormwater upgrade prompts urban renewal of Kaitāia street

Published on 12 September 2023

Sommerville Ave - Before Shot 1.jpg

A stormwater upgrade that requires extensive infrastructure improvements will result in an urban renewal of Sommerville Avenue in Kaitāia. The project is expected to take three months to complete with new footpaths, driveway entrances and roadside berms included for many residents as the stormwater system is upgraded.

Work starts on Monday 25 September.  Construction involves replacing the main stormwater pipes and connecting a number of properties to the public stormwater system. Digging up the road, grass berms and footpaths is necessary to complete the pipe replacement. The existing kerb and channel on both sides of the road will be replaced for new and new roadside stormwater catchpits and footpaths will also be constructed. Following the replacements, the road will be chip sealed with new road markings and traffic signage. The roadside berms will be repaired following the works, which will include adding topsoil and reseeding the grass.

The project timeline is subject to ground conditions and is weather dependent.

Traffic management will be in place for the duration of the work, with construction crews predominantly active between 7.30am and 6pm.

Access for residents will be maintained throughout the project. Residents and passersby are urged to stay alert for the on-site traffic management team, whose guidance will help them to navigate the area safely.

You can keep to date with the project progress here.

Last updated 14 September 2023