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We regularly produce reports that provide updates on Council activities across our teams and services. You can read these reports here. 


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Far North Holdings Limited

Third Quarter Report

For the 9 months ended 31 March 2020

In accordance with Part 5, Section 66 of the Local Government Act 2002 and Far North Holdings Limited (“FNHL”) Statement of Intent for the three years to June 2022 we hereby report on the activities of the company for the 9 months from 1 July 2019 to the 31 March 2020.

FNHL’s Statement of Financial Position at 31 March 2020 and Statement of Financial Performance for the 9 months to 31 March 2020 are attached. As resolved at the 23 April 2020 council meeting, the information on the Statement of Financial Performance is now more detailed to show budget and main category spends as per the annual report.

Far North Holdings Limited

Statement of Intent 2020 to 2023

Purpose of Statement of Intent

This Statement of Intent (SOI) is presented by Far North Holdings Limited (FNHL) in accordance with Section 64(1) of the Local Government Act 2002. This SOI takes Shareholder comments into consideration and represents the objectives, nature and scope of activities and performance targets by which FNHL is to be measured as the basis of accountability. This SOI relates to the period from 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2023.


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