Terms and conditions


Every reasonable effort has been made to maintain current and accurate information on this website. Information on this website has been made available by the Far North District Council in good faith and in compliance with the requirements of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987. This information should not be misused; and any unauthorised attempts to upload information or change information on this website are strictly prohibited.

Links to other websites

This website has links to many other agencies. In a few cases we link to private organisations, with their permission. Once you follow a link to another website, you are subject to the privacy, copyright and security policies of the new site. The Far North District Council does not have control over the policies or content of other government or private websites which we link to.

Fees and payments

Credit card payment

  • Payments can be made using Visa or MasterCard credit cards.
  • If you are using a credit card issued outside New Zealand currency conversion will be done in accordance with the terms and conditions of the card – there may be currency conversion fees charged by your card issuer.
  • Far North district council does not hold any credit card information.
  • Please check with your card issuer about any other fees and charges that may be applied to your credit card transaction, under your agreement with your card issuer.

Important information

  • An convenience fee of 1.5% (of the payment amount) ) is applied per credit/debit card transaction.
  • This fee will appear as a separate transaction on your card/account statement and is referred to as "FNDC Conv Fee".
  • Far North District Council does not receive any part of this fee.

Property files and information

We offer access to property files and property information on our website. The conditions for the provision of this information is as follows:

  1. Council cannot guarantee the completeness, accuracy, quality, currency or reliability of this information and accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage, injury, or loss in value to any person, property, service or otherwise resulting from relying on the information provided through this search.
  2. Council has made the information available under Sections 10 to 18 (inclusive) of the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 only.
  3. You should not rely on any information which you obtain from a property file, or from property and application listings without seeking appropriate independent and/or professional advice.
  4. The information which may be provided from the property file should not be taken as constituting a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) for which a specific request is required.
  5. Property file documentation includes information created by Council as well as information provided to Council by third parties.
  6. Council is not responsible for ensuring that the information you retrieve from viewing property information is fit for a particular purpose.
  7. Information from our records and archives is provided as a public service in good faith.

Property file request refund disclaimer

In accordance with Council’s fees and charges an application for a property file will cost $25.00. This fee is non-refundable except where property files contain information not for public provision:

  • Banking institution
  • Prison
  • Hospital

In these circumstances, a customer who requests and pays for a property file online would be issued a refund. If you have any queries regarding your property file request or refund please contact Council on 0800 920 029.

Land Information Memoranda Refund Policy

Land Information Memoranda (LIM) are a statutory requirement under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and must be provided to an applicant upon request and payment of a fee. The fee recovers administrative services by staff, office equipment, software systems and any other costs that are incurred to deliver the LIM.

Due to the short statutory deadline (10 working days), work commences immediately to prepare the LIM. There are occasions whereby an applicant decides they no longer wish to receive their LIM after lodgement of the application and payment of the fee. Depending on when they request the cancellation, work on the LIM may be well advanced. This policy outlines when and how an applicant can make such a request and receive a refund.

Policy principles

In accordance with council's fees and charges, there are three charges applicable to the LIM:

  1. the fee for the LIM report
  2. an additional research fee (if required) and
  3. a courier fee (if requested by the applicant)

Cancellation of a LIM once ordered and paid for will incur a 20% cancellation fee deducted from the total cost of the LIM. This will offset costs associated with administration, time and resources. Refer to Fees and Charges on the council website for the cost of the LIM.

Payment made at time of ordering will be refunded minus the cancellation fee and will be granted upon notification of cancellation. Cancellations can be submitted at any time before the end of the expected 10 day statutory delivery timeframe for the LIM.

The only circumstance upon which council will not accept a cancellation request (refund the cost of the LIM less cancellation fee) will be at any time at or after the LIM has reached the final stages of completion. This is any LIM that has reached the 'peer' stage and will be determined by the LIM team.

Additional research fee, if paid at time of purchase, will not be reimbursed. Any courier fees paid for at time of purchase will be reimbursed. Refunds will be credited to the card used at the time of purchase, once the customer provides valid receipt details.