Plans and Reports

We have three key planning documents: the Long Term Plan (LTP), the Annual Plan and the Annual Report.

  • Council's Long Term Plan (LTP) for 2018-28 was adopted on 28 June 2018.
  • The Annual Plan is a one-year slice of the LTP. The Annual Plan confirms the corresponding year of the Long Term Plan, highlighting new issues and making adjustments as necessary. 
  • The Annual Report looks back on the previous financial year to see what has been achieved. It is usually adopted each October. 
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About the Annual Plan

Council’s strategic blueprint is its Long Term Plan (LTP). The Local Government Act requires all councils to have an LTP, and to produce an updated or new LTP every three years. In the two years in between we have an Annual Plan which adopts the changes or additions to the projects, activities and financial forecasts included in the corresponding year of the LTP.

A change in legislation in 2014 means that we do not need to consult on our annual plans when there is no significant or material difference to the content of the LTP for the relevant year. This year the changes were minor, and as a result we did not consult.

Our Annual Plan for 2019/20 was adopted on 27 June 2019.

The Long Term Plan (LTP) is the Council's key strategic planning document. It sets out what the Council plans to do over the next 10 years and how it plans to pay for this. The elected Council adopted the Long Term Plan 2018-28 on 28 June 2018 after an extensive community consultation exercise. 

Councillors deliberated on 12 key proposals contained in the Long Term Plan consultation document and agreed to:

  • Invest $11.8m developing a community hub and civic centre in Kaikohe
  • Build a new cycle trail between Taumarere and Opua at a cost of $4.6m
  • Fund a cycle trail extension from 2022 at $1.875m per annum
  • Transfer Russell Wharf to Far North Holdings Limited for $1
  • Spend $13.4m upgrading Kaitaia’s wastewater system
  • Give each community board $33,333 a year for placemaking projects
  • Provide $100,000 a year for district-wide community infrastructure grants allocated by Community Boards
  • Provide $80,000 for event and festival grants distributed by Community Boards
  • Provide an interest-free loan to the Te Kao community for rainwater tanks at households
  • Provide $230,000 for toilets and a pay shower for the Kawakawa Tourism Hub / Te Hononga
  • Loan $160,000 to the Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust to revamp the centre of Kawakawa.

Councillors also decided to include an additional unsubsidised road sealing allocation of $1m per annum, initiate a districtwide roading strategy, bring forward existing plans to prevent flooding of West Coast Rd in Panguru, allocate more funds for animal control, and fund infrastructure works to coincide with construction of the new Taipa Bridge by the NZ Transport Agency.

The Long Term Plan 2018-28 will come into effect on 1 July 2018. It is reviewed each year with the Council consulting on any major changes through the Annual Plan process.

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