Te Puāwaitanga – Bay of Islands Sports Hub


Project details

  • Project typeRecreational infrastructure
  • Project value$6 million
  • Project statusConstruction stage

Project Background

This large new complex will provide facilities for football, rugby league, cricket, competitive gymnastics, hockey, softball, and croquet enthusiasts from around the Bay of Islands.  It is proposed the hub will operate from Monday to Sunday 7am to 10pm.  

This hub of sporting codes will provide a high quality recreational facility for sportspeople of all ages and abilities, encouraging community connections. It will address the shortage of facilities in the region, support growing participation in sports and help meet future demand in Northland, as one of the fastest growing regions in the country.  

The 46.77 hectare site is in a central location, opposite the Waipapa retail area on State Highway 10. The site has a flat contour that can easily be developed into multiple sports fields, it is close to existing sports facilities, and has excellent vehicle access from State Highway 10.

The Council has set aside $4 million over the next two years to develop the facilities, with an additional $2 million provided by the Government’s COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. This will enable the access and first stage of the development.

Since October 2020, the Council has been working with The Project Working Group to consider the hub's development in order to prepare a resource consent application. The Project Working Group includes iwi, sporting code representatives, Elected Members and Council staff

Once completed, the Bay of Islands Sports Hub facilities will include:

  • seven new sports fields (two with lighting to premier game standard, four with training standard lighting for early evening use)
  • grass and concrete cricket pitches
  • cricket training nets
  • new changing rooms
  • clubrooms
  • a competitive gymnastics facility
  • a future-proofed design that can provide for softball, croquet, and dog training.

The Bay of Islands Sports Hub has been named Te Puāwaitanga which means a home of belonging, play and growth.

A staged approach

The development will be undertaken in three stages:

  • Site access and utilities connection (currently funded)
  • Stage One development of sports fields and associated facilities (currently funded)
  • Stage Two development of sports fields and associated facilities (unfunded). 

Works to establish access to the sports hub from State Highway 10 are already underway. Construction of sports fields is expected to start in early 2022, with the first fields expected to be available for the 2023 season.  

Development stages currently funded

Site access and utilities - April to December 2021

Access to site

The first step is providing access to develop the site. Access is through the existing farm entrance from State Highway 10. These works are already underway.

Utility services

The development stage includes installation of utility services such as two power feeds and two fibre optics feeds, ducted under State Highway 10.

Vegetation removal

To enable access for the development stage and the formation of sports fields, a section of the shelter belt of exotic trees on the western edge has been removed.

Stage One – from early to mid 2022

A concept plan for Stage One includes the facilities outlined below.

  • Five multipurpose sports fields (Field 2 to Field 6), four of which are sand based and one is soil based. These fields will be predominantly used for football and rugby league in winter, and cricket in summer.
  • Core ablution block and changing rooms.
  • Carpark with 320 spaces for cars, as well as parking for vans/trailers and buses.
  • Allowance for a future shared walking and cycling path along State Highway 10.

Utility services

Stage One includes constructing the required infrastructure for stormwater and used water. Stormwater management will include a constructed wetland area to take stormwater from the carpark and ablution block. The used water system will support the ablution block.


To enable the Stage One development, earthworks are required that will involve both cut and fill over an area of approximately 98,500 square metres.

Vegetation removal

Further vegetation will be removed during Stage One to enable access across the site and the development of Field 2 to Field 6 (exotic vegetation only). 

Stage one parking

As part of Stage One, vehicle parking will be provided as outlined below.

Parking Type

Number of Parks

Standard Car


Accessible Parks


Trailer / van / small bus


Touring Coach 12.5 long


Stage Two – future development

To prepare for Stage Two of the development the resource consent considers future projects and what is needed to support the growth of sports in the region. Further engagement is required to confirm the priorities and timings needed in order to achieve this. The works will then be undertaken as funding becomes available. 

The resource consent application allows for the facilities listed below.

Sports fields

The remaining sports fields to be constructed include:

  • a water-based hockey field (Field 1) for premier league games
  • an additional multipurpose soil field (Field 7)
  • two softball diamonds
  • three cricket wickets and outfields
  • cricket nets for training.


To enable evening use of outdoor facilities it is proposed to install floodlights around Field 2 to Field 7 as well as the hockey field. There will also be lighting for the cricket training nets, playground, car parking and access areas.

Future Building Concept

The proposed building footprint will feature four separate covered facilities linked by pedestrian streets. The eastern side will have a roof overhang for shelter, as well as providing an overview of Field 2.

The building footprint includes:

  • clubrooms with a capacity to hold up to 440 people
  • an indoor facility with a multisport area, foyer, reception, and office
  • a competitive gymnastics building for up to 350 people
  • expansion of the changing rooms.

 The main entrance to the building will be through the clubrooms that overlook the centre line of the premier Field 2.

Additional play and leisure areas include:

  • a play zone for children
  • two croquet lawns
  • a fenced dog training area
  • a shared walking and cycling pathway around the site as a continuation of the potential shared pathway adjoining SH10.

Stage Two carparking

Once Stage One is completed the access and car parking areas will be monitored so any design changes are implemented before Stage Two begins. Based on expert transportation analysis the car park will expand to include a further 175 spaces during Stage Two. These additional spaces will be located adjacent to the hockey turf and the croquet lawns. 


During Stage Two an additional used water area will cater for flows of 2000 people per day (in support of the full development including the future club rooms, gymnastics and associated indoor facilities and outdoor facilities).

Vegetation removal

Further exotic vegetation will be removed during Stage Two to construct Field 1 (hockey turf), the croquet fields and car parking.

Next steps: Resource consent

Resource consents will be lodged shortly with the Far North District Council (FNDC) and the Northland Regional Council. You will have the opportunity to make a submission on the Bay of Islands Sports Hub to the FNDC. We want to hear from you.

As we move through the resource consenting process and develop our construction plans, we want to understand if there are any concerns you have and how you may be impacted by the works.

An indicative timeline of what to expect for the project.



Month Year

Overall concept design development

  • Overall layout
  • Building concept
  • Access provision

October 2020 - July 2021

Stakeholder engagement

  • Project working group
  • Direct neighbour engagement

October 2020 – July 2021

Site access and utility connections

  • Access from SH10
  • Utilities connections; fibre optic and power feeds
  • Shelter belt tree removal – western edge

April 2021-October 2021

Public engagement on overall concepts

  • Drop-in sessions for affected stakeholders and interested public

Mid-Late July 2021


  • Resource consent applications lodged for on-site developments

Late 2021

Consent processing and submissions

  • Public submissions opportunity on sports hub proposals

From early 2022


  • Review and approvals with FNDC and NRC

Early to mid 2022 (pending Council decision making)

Stage 1 Construction

  • Vegetation removal
  • Construction of five fields
  • New ablution block and changing rooms
  • Storm water and used water facility

Mid to late 2022
(subject to resource consent process)

Stage 2

  • Remaining onsite developments

2023+ (subject to resource consent and funding)


An artist's impression of the facilities to be developed during Stage One.


An artist's impression of the layout and landscaping to be developed during Stage Two (currently unfunded).



An artist's impression of the building concept by HD Architecture, proposed as part of Stage Two.


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Last updated 19 January 2022