Integrated Transport Plan consultation

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What is this about?

The Integrated Transport Plan is a prioritised list of transport projects and activities that address the transport problems our district currently faces.

Why are we doing this?

The Far North is experiencing growth and a shift in demographics, as well as changes to land use. Weather events are predicted to become more frequent and severe due to climate change leaving the transport network increasingly vulnerable. Our communities are isolated and geographically dispersed. The Far North also faces the unique challenges of hilly topography and unpredictable geology, combined with managing the third largest road network in New Zealand.

These challenges have resulted in:

  • Increasing pressure from communities and businesses to provide better and safer transport networks and more travel choices
  • More weather-related disruptions to the transport system threatening essential services, critical supplies, commerce and parts of the physical network
  • Insufficient funds to maintain and deliver improvements to the transport system.

What is our response?

Six strategic responses have been identified:

ITP strategic responses  

What are the benefits?

Once we have secured the necessary investment we can start implementing  projects and activities that will deliver the following benefits:

  • A safer, better and more sustainable transport system with transport choices for people and businesses
  • Improved connectivity and access to social and economic opportunities
  • Secure and reliable transport lifelines
  • Community supported prioritised transport investment to best use resources and attract funding.

Last updated 30 March 2022