How fast is your internet?

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Northland internet speed survey 2020/21

Help us find out if the internet service in Northland is up to scratch in our fifth annual internet speed test.

Please take five minutes to complete the speed test then answer a simple survey, please remember to include your location!

The survey responses give us a better idea of how people in the Far North are accessing the internet and the speed of connectivity available around the region.

The survey opens Thursday 17 December 2020 and closes Friday, 26 February 2021.

The Digital Enablement Project

The raw data we collate helps us work with central government and internet providers to identify our digital infrastructure needs and improve internet and mobile coverage across Northland.

This is part of the Northland Forward Together partnership which consists of the four Northland councils along with Northland Inc. Limited.

What now?

  1. Visit to take the speed test
  2. Record your results using our online survey

Make sure no-one else in the household is using the internet when you do the test.

Having trouble?

What are the consultation dates?

The survey opens Thursday 17 December 2020 and closes Friday, 26 February 2021.

I cant fill out the form online!

If your internet connection or data allowance does not allow you to fill out the form,  please email your results to

You need to note down the following:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Time/date of test
  • Service Provider
  • Device tested
  • Address or location

Who can I contact?

What will I need to fill out in the survey?


Where can I find the speedtest?

Please visit to run the speedtest

Where is the form?

You can find the form here

Last updated 30 March 2022