Performance measures

The Council is part of the CouncilMARK™ benchmarking programme, and undertakes an annual resident opinion survey.


A measure for better community value

The Far North District Council was one of the first local authorities in New Zealand to ask to be assessed under the CouncilMARK™ performance benchmarking programme. Local government best practice leader LGNZ developed CouncilMARK™ to give communities a clear and independent picture of how well their council is serving the community and where improvements need to be made.  CouncilMARK™ measures performance across leadership, finance, service delivery and community engagement.  Independent assessors undertake assessments every three years using a performance assessment framework. The Council received a B grade on a 9-point scale (AAA to C) when it was first assessed in 2017.  We aim to improve this grade when we are assessed again in 2020. Read the independent assessment report and go to LGNZ’s website for more information about CouncilMARK™.  

Resident opinion survey

The Council undertakes an annual resident opinion survey to measure satisfaction with its services. We use this information to determine whether we have met performance indicators in our Long Term Plan and we publish this information in our Annual Report.

Last updated 28 April 2021