Community Development Plans

A Community Development Plan is developed by an agreed process between a community and the Far North District Council. The plan helps the Council and the community to discuss ways to manage change while protecting what is valued most.

The Community Development Planning process enables a community to explore more about whom and what their community is, what its strengths and challenges are, and how community members can make a difference in their community. Community development planning is about providing opportunities to learn more about local issues, weigh up options to address them, and voice an opinion.

The Community Development Plan is not the Council’s plan – it is a living document and it belongs to the community. However, the Community Development Plan may be used by communities to make submissions to inform the Council’s strategic planning and allocation of resources, as well as those of other agencies. Ultimately, not all issues raised by the community can be resolved or owned by Council or other agencies, but they may remain as important issues for the community to continue to try to resolve with their own resources.

Current Community Development Plans


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Last updated 19 March 2021