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New water source for Kaikohe almost complete

A project that will provide a supplementary supply of drinking water for the Kaikohe community is schedule for completion in time for summer.

A second bore at Tokareireia (Monument Hill) in Kaikohe should be operational in the next few months, and will provide approximately 350 cubic litres a day of drinking water to the Kaikohe community when required.

The Monument Hill Deep Bore Project involves drilling a new 120-metre-deep bore into an aquifer below the existing Monument Hill water supply bores. The new bore will only be used if the town’s main water source, the Wairoro Stream, is running low.

Northland Regional Council granted consent for the project in March 2022 and construction began in May. Most of the construction work was completed by 30 June, with finishing stages to be completed during August and September.

Physical works have included installing a pump, laying a trenched pipe to connect the bore to the Monument Hill Water Treatment Plant, connecting electricity and fibre, as well as creating an access road. Air valve installation, bore headworks and pipework were completed in July, and water treatment plant upgrades and pressure testing of the water supply pipeline is scheduled for August. The project faced multiple COVID-19 related delays and weather disruption in June and July.

Iwi approval has been gained for the project delivery.

Drinking water for Kaikohe is drawn from two sources – about 70% from Wairoro Stream and 30% from an existing bore at Tokareireia. Water from both sources is treated.

Water shortages in the town were acute during the 2019/20 drought following record low rainfall in 2019. The second much deeper bore at Tokareireia will ensure the town is more resilient to future droughts.

This project has an approved budget of $1.18 million. You can find out more about this drought resilience project for Kaikohe here.