Digging up dog walking maps easier for owners

Published on 18 January 2023


Do you want to know where on-leash or off-leash rules apply when walking your dog? We’ve made this information easier for you to fetch with a new council webpage - Maps for dog walking areas.

The Far North has 17 areas where dogs must be on-leash, off-leash, or are prohibited. The maps detail the access rules as well as dates and times when these apply.

The maps are already available online in the Dog Management Policy 2018 but dog owners have to dig through the document to find the map relevant to them. Now, you can click on the Maps for dog walking areas webpage to find a list of all the Far North areas where restrictions apply, then click on a drop-down menu to view a map with dog access zones clearly marked.

The restrictions aim to ensure that dogs are a positive part of Far North communities by maintaining opportunities for owners to take their pets into public places, while minimising problems sometimes caused by dogs. That includes protecting sea birds when nesting, as well as other wildlife.

The areas where restrictions apply include popular beaches, special character beaches, parks and reserves. Fines for not observing the rules range from $100 to $300 for dog owners who fail to carry a leash in public, fail to keep their dog under control or fail to comply with any bylaw.

Below –Te Tii Beach in Waitangi, is an example of an area where two separate zones with different dog access rules apply.