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Maps for dog walking areas

Below are maps that detail areas where on-leash and off-leash restrictions apply when walking your dog in the Far North. These areas include popular beaches, special character beaches, parks and reserves. If on-leash or off-leash restrictions apply in an area, the map will include the dates these restrictions apply.

These restrictions are designed to ensure safety around dogs and protect sea birds when nesting and other wildlife. 

The source document for these maps is the Dog Management Policy 2018 (from page 20 onwards). You can view this document here.

If an area is not listed below then no restrictions currently apply, however dogs must be on a lead and under control on all public roads, footpaths, car parks etc.

Te Hiku Ward - dog walking restrictions

Ahipara Dog walking map

Cable Bay Dog walking map

Coopers Beach Dog walking map

Hihi Beach Dog walking map

Bay of Islands-Whangaroa Ward - dog walking restrictions

Mahinepua Bay Dog walking map

Paihia Beach Dog walking map

Rolands Wood Dog walking map

Russell Beach Dog walking map

Sammaree Place, Kerikeri Dog walking map

Tapeka Point Beach, Russell Dog walking map

Taupō Bay Dog walking map

Tauranga Bay Dog walking map

Te Haumi Dog walking map

Te Tii Beach, Waitangi Dog walking map

Other Waitangi beaches Dog walking map

Waiototara Reserve, Kerikeri Dog walking map

Kaikohe-Hokianga Ward - dog walking restrictions

Old Landfill, Lindvart Park, Kaikohe Dog walking map

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Last updated: 02 Apr 2024 4:23pm