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STV Voting Statistics

Find below the full list of iteration reports generated by the STV calculator in determining the preliminary and final results.


  • ITER - The iteration number at which a candidate is elected or rejected.
  • VOTES -  The votes received by the candidate at the point of election or exclusion.
  • QUOTA - The quota or the absolute majority determined at the iteration.
  • NTV - The number of non-transferable votes determined at the iteration.
  • KEEP - The candidate's final keep value determined at the last iteration.
  • SURPLUS -  The number of transferable votes at the iteration.
  • RANDOM - A random number used for tie-breaking.

Final results


Mayor Final results

Nga Tai o Tokerau Māori Ward

Māori Ward Final results

Bay of Islands - Whangaroa

Bay of Islands - Whangaroa Community Board (All Subdivisions) Final results

Bay of Islands - Whangaroa General Ward Final results

Kaikohe - Hokianga

Kaikohe - Hokianga Community Board (All Subdivisions) Final results

Kaikohe - Hokianga General Ward Final results

Te Hiku

Te Hiku Community Board (All Subdivisions) Final results

Te Hiku General Ward Final results

Preliminary results

Iteration reports

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Last updated: 16 Apr 2024 2:46pm