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Events Investment Fund

Applications for the 2023/24 financial year have now closed

This funding is targeted at events that attract visitors and enrich the district. In order to be considered organisations must provide a comprehensive business plan and financial accounts to support their application. Funding can cover most costs associated with running an event, such as catering and venue or equipment hire. Neither wages nor volunteer costs will be funded, although these costs will be considered as part of the overall value of the event.

  • Applications for this funding are usually called for once in each financial year.
  • Each application must include a completed form. The form is an interactive PDF that means you can submit easily via email.
  • Applications with an incomplete or missing form or insufficient supporting information will not be considered for funding.
  • If you need help filling in the application form, please contact the Funding Advisor.
  • Applications for the 2023/24 financial year closed on Friday 18 August 2023 and decisions were made in early September 2023.

Application Requirements

1. Event details

Provide a simple outline of the event as a single paragraph (no more than 200 words) that explains what you plan to do and why. We expect you to go into more detail in your business plan. To allow us to assess all applications equally, fill in the requested information as accurately as possible. It is better to under-estimate the number of attendees.

2. Business Plan

You must attach a business plan to the application form. The Business Plan does not have to be a complicated document and can be as simple as a few pages. It must, however, include your event background and address how your event will meet the specific principles listed on the application form.  In its simplest form, a business plan tells us how you started, where you are going to, and how you are planning on getting there.

Detailed information of what must be included can be found in the Events Investment Application Guidance document.  If this information is not included, your application may be declined from consideration.

3. Financial Information

Far North District Council must ensure fiscal responsibility with ratepayers money. Before we can agree to any funding, we need to know your financial position and your proposed event budget.

  • The form on page 4 gives a basic budget breakdown.
  • If you have a budget already prepared, include it in your business plan.
  • Funding is not available to cover wages/salary, but should still be included in your budget if applicable.
  • Volunteer Value is an approximate cost of the hours volunteers are contributing to your event. (eg If you have 10 volunteers each doing 10 hours work at $20/hr, this adds $2000.00 to your event budget).
  • We also require copies of your most recent statement of income and expenditure, annual accounts, or other financial documents that demonstrate your ability to manage a grant.

4. Applicant declaration

Two signatories over the age of 18 are required to sign the application to confirm that all of the terms and conditions are clearly understood.

How to Apply

1. Complete the application form

Each event must have an application form with a business plan and supporting information.  The form is a pdf that can be completed online, and we do accept electronic signatures.

We recommend you read the application guidance before you fill out the form, as it provides detailed information of what is required to be provided, particularly in the Business Plan you must provide with your application.  If this information is not provided, your application may not be considered for funding.

If you have any queries or concerns, you can contact the Funding Advisor on 0800 920 029 or email funding@fndc.govt.nz

2. Submit application

Applications for the the 2023/24 financial year are now open, with applications due by Friday 18 August 2023.

Your complete application must be received in full by 5pm on the closing date.  Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

  • Scan and email to funding@fndc.govt.nz
  • You can also drop your application at any Service Centre, or post to:

Funding Advisor
Far North District Council
Private Bag 752
Kaikohe 0440

If you email your application and do not receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days, please call 09 401 5775 to confirm it has been received.

Applications will be considered by the Events Investment Panel in early September, with all applicants notified of the outcome by 30 September 2023.

What Next?

1. If your application is successful

If you are awarded funding you will be notified by phone and email, and will then be sent a funding agreement to sign and return to the funding team at Council.  When this agreement has been returned, the funding team will raise a purchase order.  You will then send your invoice for the funding, ensuring the purchase order number is on the invoice, to accountspayable@fndc.govt.nz.

If you do not include the purchase order number on your invoice, or send it to any other email address than accountspayable@fndc.govt.nz, your payment will not be authorised and your funding may be delayed.

2. After the event

After your event has taken place, you are required to submit a post-event report to Council.  This report must be received within two months of your event taking place.

If you fail to return this report, you will be ineligible to apply for funding from Council for three years.

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Last updated: 17 May 2024 3:10pm